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An Experienced Machine Shop

Technical Products, Inc. is a ceramics and plastics distributor as well as an experienced machine shop for over 30 years. We are one of the largest Corning Macor® distributors in the world. TPI also has a large Alumina department that offers precision grinding, lapping, laser machining and on site furnaces for all your firing needs. We stock Alumina in a variety of grades, sizes and shapes. Our attention to customer needs made us a leader in our field. Technical Products, Inc. modern, fully equipped facility allows us to meet the demands of our constantly changing industry. Quality and competitive pricing are guaranteed.

Dating back thousands of years ago, the making of ceramics is considered as a form of art. In fact, it is just a common activity of our ancient men. Ceramics are made out of plain and simple elements, such as air, earth, fire, and water, but are vital in our existence. It has been part of our civilization for a number of years that is why we should make sure that it should have a continued survival. We may not know how to make them as compared to the countless artisans of our history, but we could start to collect them so that we can pass it to the future generations. We could shop items and acquire services from the most reputable online stores. If we want more discounts, we should try to have the lowest price at the highest quality. Plus, we could be guaranteed of the quickest delivery. Start collecting now and make a change.

It is surprising that there has never been a Ceramic Age despite the fact that it has dominated various aspects of different civilization. Probably, we refer ceramics when there is pottery or when there is firing. Indeed, it is broader today because there are many uses of ceramics. But, generally, it is a nonmetallic and inorganic solid that has useful properties- intense strength and hardness, very high melting points, and excellent thermal and electrical insulator. No wonder why it is very useful until now.

Well, it covers an enormous materials that it also included brick, cement, glass, porcelain, and pottery. If you wish to use it inside your homes, you could actually obtain finished items from the most trusted company from cement walls and glass windows to decorative ceramic floor tiles and many more! If you want to save more, don’t forget to have amazon promo code. Get free interesting offers for durability and beauty created for your homes.

Probably, one of the most prominent materials from the past up to the present is ceramics. They are known to withstand the test of time even with different weather conditions and wide range of temperatures. New uses of ceramics have been discovered continuously even if they have existed around for ages. They have been used to manufacture items such as headphones, microphones, and other types of stereos that we almost need every day.

Theoretically, they can last longer, run silently, and is safer to use compared to other materials. Of course, conventional uses of ceramics are still very pertinent that we could use it in almost every item that we found at home, from bedroom and living room to kitchen and outdoor. They can even be displayed in our gardens beautifully and playfully. Although they are tough to handle, they could still greatly contribute to aesthetics. If we want to avail of great quality ceramics, we could check on trusted online shopping sites in india.


Technical Ceramics & Plastics

Alumina Oxide 96% to 99.97%
Alumina Silicate (Grade A Lava)
Boron Nitride (All Types)
G-10 & G-11
Glass Bonded Mica (PDF)
Glass Filled Ryton®
Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic®
Polysilicon PTFE
Silicon Nitride
Zirconia (PDF)

Get Started:

Material Selection - Technical Products, Inc. has knowledge to direct you to the most effective and appropriate material for your specific application. We have a large inventory of ceramics and plastics material on hand.

Standard Stock - TPI inventories stock Macor rods, bars, sheets, discs and Alumina substrates available to purchase online.

Fabrication - We are capable of machining extremely intricate designs while holding tolerances up to +.0000"/-.0005". TPI also provides laser machining services. We can produce prototypes as well as full production orders.

File Extension- If you would like to send us a drawing to quote, we have the capability to read most CAD formats. If you do not see the file extension you would like to send please contact us. The file type extensions we prefer are: .stp, .sldprt, .dxf or .pdf

Inspection - We are committed to providing our customers with quality parts and services.

Shipped- Items are handled with care until in your hands from packaging, label, and tracking.

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